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Benefits of a High Efficiency HVAC System

Studies have shown that almost half (more than half in Las Vegas) of the energy that is consumed by your home is done so in heating and cooling. That is a lot of money when you start to add it up over time. That is why if you are in the market for a new HVAC system you might want to consider a new high efficiency system. High efficiency systems can add many benefits to your home. Here are just a few.

Programmable Thermostats

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature on your old dial thermostat? New high efficiency systems can help you with that problem by replacing it with a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats offer several benefits over traditional mechanical ones. High efficiency HVAC systems let you control zones of your house. This means that those rooms that get all of the day sun and don’t need as much heat can be kept cooler while the other rooms that need a little more heat can get what they need.

You can also program thermostats for times. No need to keep the house warm or cool while you are at work. You can program your thermostat to keep the house at a less comfortable temperature then adjust it a half hour or 15 minutes before you arrive home from work. This can save a large amount of energy with a very simple device.

Less Noise

Older HVAC systems were noisy. Motors, fans and even ducts created noise throughout your house as they operated. High efficiency systems change all of that. They are built of high-tech sound-absorbing materials that dampen out the operating noise. These devices are so quiet that you may not even notice they are on.

Longer Life

You expect a certain amount of life out of your HVAC system considering the cost investment that you put into it. Most standard systems can expect a life of up to twelve years if properly maintained. A high efficiency system can operate much longer than that. If properly maintained and taken care of, you may be able to get twenty years or more out of a quality high efficiency system.

Better Air Flow

The key to modern HVAC systems is air flow. The better the air flow that you get from your system, the better it is able to maintain the temperature.

Traditional systems had one setting, on or off. High efficiency systems feature variable speed motors that can ensure that the airflow is consistent in all parts of your home. This enables you to better control the climate while doing so more efficiently.

Cost Savings

Of course there is the energy cost savings. This one speaks for itself.

HVAC System Installation in Las Vegas

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