Fiberglass air duct insulation

Consider Fiberglass Air Duct Insulation

If you take a minute to look in the unfinished parts of your basement you may see large metal ducting hanging there. Those ducts are what carry the cool air through your house in the summer from your air conditioning unit to the places where people spend time. Those ducts can also be a major source of loss of efficiency in your HVAC system. Going the extra mile and putting fiberglass insulation over your ducting can improve the comfort levels in your home as well as help to reduce energy bills in the hot summer months.

Reduce Background Noise

One of the first things you might notice if you have your ducting insulated is that the noise from your HVAC unit is reduced. Since ducting is metal it can carry sounds very easily. This means that any noises that your HVAC unit makes when operating, such as fan noises that can be generated by the system that moves the air through the ducts and even voices from other rooms, can all be carried through ducting. Fiberglass insulation helps to dampen out these sounds and can reduce background noise in your home significantly.

Elevated Comfort Levels

Your air conditioner cools the air and then blows the it through your home using fans and the ducting for transport. Ducting that has no insulation on it is not as effective at keeping the temperature of that air constant. As the air is moved through the ducting more of the heat of the rooms the air moves through creeps in and heats it up. By putting insulation over your ducting your losses due to heat from outside of the ducts will be reduced, meaning the cool air goes where you want it to: your living space.

Conserving Energy

An HVAC system is a complex machine. It does the work of taking the ambient temperature air in and then puts it through a cooling process. Once that is done it blows the air through your home via your ducts to the rooms that you want cooled. The whole process takes energy. If your ducts are not insulated, then some of that cooling power is lost as the air is circulated through your home. This means the system has to run longer to match the temperature at which you set the thermostat. It also means the pumps, fans and coolers must work longer as well. Insulated ducting will cause your home to be cooled more efficiently and will reduce the amount of energy that it takes to hold your home at the desired temperature.

Lower Bills

With reduced energy demand comes a reduced costs in your energy bills. Improving the efficiency of your system by insulating the ducts will translate to savings for you at the end of the month when the bill comes in for operating your HVAC system.

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Insulation in your ducting can save energy and reduce your summer cooling bills.

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