How to keep your house cool in the summer

General Tips for Keeping Cool

Are you looking for some ways to maximize the output of your air conditioner? Of course you are! The cooler you can keep your home, the more comfortable you are. The thing is, there are things that you can do that will help you to lower the temperature in your home without lowering the thermostat. Here are some general summer tips for keeping your home cool while keeping those heating and cooling bills under control.

Take Advantage of Cool Evenings

It takes some time for the summer to get into full effect. While the days are hot, the nights can be very comfortable without using your air conditioner. Instead of leaving your unit on all night, take advantage of the cool air and open up your windows. The outside air will keep you cool through the night, and then you can turn your AC unit back on during the day.

Ventilation is also good for your home, particularly in spring when you are still trying to get the dust and dirt of the winter back outside where it belongs.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

It may seem like your ceiling fans are just decorative since you have air conditioning in your home but you can take advantage of them in order to keep your home feeling cooler. Think about the winter and how the term wind chill can affect how the air feels. Moving air, while being the same temperature as still air, feels cooler due to a process called convective heating. Moving air takes away more heat than still air.

If you turn on your ceiling fans, they will create a nice comfortable breeze in the room to move the air around. This will help your home feel cooler while leaving your air conditioner’s thermostat at the same temperature.

Lower the Fan Speed for Humidity

While rare, there are days where the humidity might climb. When the humidity does climb, having the fan on high means that your AC unit might not be able to pull out as much moisture from the air as it should. Air conditioners actually perform two major functions. They cool the air, and they dehumidify the air. You need to make sure that your unit has enough time to get the dehumidification done. Having the fan on low gives the air more residence time in the unit, which gives you more dehumidification.

Time Your Appliance Usage

Lights, ovens, computers and older televisions add to the heat in your home. During the times of the day when the heat is at its peak, consider not using those appliances—or reduce the number of them that are in use at any one time. You may be surprised how much cooler your home feels if you wait until dark to bake your brownies!

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