Installing thermostat in home

HVAC Myths and Misconceptions

Lots of people have wisdom to share with you about the right way to run your HVAC system. Unfortunately, a lot of these truths aren’t even close to being true. That is why we are going to take the time to debunk some of myths you may have heard about your HVAC system.

Putting the Thermostat Higher (or Lower) Makes It Work Faster

How many times have you walked over to your thermostat and continuously bumped it up or down because it was too hot or cold in your home? Did you take a minute to see if the HVAC system was already running? If it was, then you really have done nothing.

Putting the temperature higher or lower has no effect at all on how the system operates. It just makes it run longer which puts more strain on the system in the long run. If your system is already attempting to change the temperature in your home, the only thing you can do is wait. Changing the thermostat isn’t going to do anything.

A Convenient Spot for My Thermostat

Have you taken a minute to look and see where your thermostat is located? If your only thought was that it was in a location that was easy to reach, you may have an issue with your thermostat. The temperature of a thermostat is influenced by its location. This means that if it is near a heat source (spot lights, fire place, vent) then these could be affecting the readings it takes. This can have an effect on the temperature all over your home.

Your thermostat should be located in a place that it will get the most accurate reading for the whole home. If you need help finding that spot, contact an expert from Executive Air Conditioning.

I Need a New Furnace Because It Can’t Keep the Right Temp

Many times your HVAC system seems like it is struggling to meet the temperatures that you set for it. You may take this as a sign that your HVAC system is too small and needs replaced. This may not be the case.

Many times there are mechanical reasons that your HVAC system is struggling. You may need to have your unit serviced to get it working at the right levels again. There may be something partially blocking your ducting that is causing issues. It may be even leaking ducts that are causing the system to lose efficiency. Have your system checked out by a professional before heading down the road of replacement. You may be wasting money on a new unit when all your old unit needs is some maintenance.

Your Las Vegas HVAC System Only Needs Air Filters Changed for Maintenance

Yes, you should be changing your air filters regularly, but your system might need a little more TLC to keep it running. Have your yearly maintenance done by Executive Air Conditioning. Click here to contact us today.

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