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The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

The internet is making all sorts of exciting futuristic devices into a reality. While a smart home that would respond to your voice or remote commands was once a thing of science fiction, it is now a reality. You probably already have a programmable thermostat at home, but have you considered upgrading it to one that is capable of connecting to the wireless network in your home? It can offer several advantages over your programmable thermostat. Here are a few of them.

Remote Programming

If you have a programmable thermostat, you already know how much you can benefit by taking advantage of the ability to have the temperature change without you interacting with your HVAC system. Unfortunately, you still have to be at home in order to make changes to the settings. Not so with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

Wi-Fi thermostats come with an interface that can be accessed from anywhere. This means instead of having to change your temperature settings at home, you can change them anywhere. This means you can change the temp if you happen to leave work early or program a delay if you are staying late. Wi-Fi access provides you with true flexibility in how you control the temperature in your home.

Remote Monitoring

Do you want to know when something goes wrong at your house? What if your thermostat was smart enough to tell you that something unexpected had happened to the system that might need your attention? A Wi-Fi enabled or smart thermostat can do just that.

You can program your thermostat to send you alerts when the temperature creeps up too high (or falls too low) as well as send you alerts if something unexpected happens to shut the system down entirely. It provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what is going on at your home at all times.

Most Wi-Fi enabled thermostats have a range of parameters that you can set to send you alerts. You can customize these to your very own preferences.

Learning Your Behavior

Some smart thermostats are able to learn from the behavior that you and your family have when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home. If the kids tend to open the door often during the afternoon when they are coming in and out as they play, the thermostat will learn and understand that the AC needs to run a little more during those times.

If you like your house to be a little warmer in the evenings as you go to bed, it can learn that behavior as well and adjust accordingly. These settings can, of course, be changed to better tune the device to your desires, but the longer you allow it to learn, the closer it will come to predicting what you want.

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