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What is that Smell? Fighting Air Conditioner Odors Part 1

Spring has sprung, and it may have even gotten warm enough to turn on your air conditioner. As you are just about to get your first nice cool blast of AC for the summer you may have noticed something else unpleasant coming out of the vents with it; a strange smell.

Unfortunately along with your cool air, you may also get some strange smells. Here are some of the causes of those smells and where those smells might be coming from in your HVAC system.

Maybe it is the Air Filter

Another source of strange smells can be the air filter. If you did not change your filter before the season ended it too can be a breeding ground for growth. Even if there is no mold or mildew trapped in your filter, all of the other particulates that it pulls from the air may be causing the smells. As air flows through the filter, particles that were previously trapped become loose and spread through the house. You should change your air filter on a regular basis regardless of any strange smells coming from the system.

Maybe it is Not The Air Conditioner?

There is a possibility that it is not your AC system at all. Since air that circulates through the system is drawn in from other places it can be that the smells are coming from the air intake and then sent throughout your home. This is usually true of smells like cleaning chemicals, exhaust smells, perfumes, scented candles or even old gym socks. Depending on where your air intake is these could be the source of your problems.

Where are those Air Conditioner Odors Coming From?

Generally, smells that are coming from your AC system are caused by mold or mildew. Since your AC system picks up air from inside your home and circulates it around, things like bacteria and mold spores can become trapped inside the system. As your air conditioner sits idle over the winter months, those spores and molds have an opportunity to grow inside the system. When you turn the system on in the spring, you find that they have had a busy winter growing and multiplying.

Places to Check on your Air Conditioner for Smells

If you are sure that there is no other source then there are some places on your unit that you can check:

  • Air Ducts – One of the main places mold and mildew can grow are up in the wall ducts.
  • Evaporator Coils – Your evaporator coils are what do the cooling of the air. Over the course of time, they will collect all sorts of dust, dirt and debris. There is also may be a drain pan that collects moisture collected on these coils. That is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

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