Maintenance on AC Unit

Why isn’t My Air Conditioner Working?

The temperatures are rising in Las Vegas, so it is time to crank up the AC and keep your home cool for the summer—but what happens when you go to set that thermostat low and notice that your home, which should be at a nice comfortable 72 degrees, keeps creeping up over 80? Something is wrong with the AC, and you’ve got to find out—fast—what’s wrong with it. Here are some common problems that can cause your Las Vegas AC to not work properly.

It Just Won’t Turn On

What happens when you push the power button on your window AC unit or your mini-split, and it just doesn’t seem to turn on? The first thing you should check out is if it is plugged into the wall properly. Over the winter and months of disuse, plugs can become unplugged or even worked just loose enough to cause the unit not to function. Turn the unit off again, and unplug and reset the plug. If that still doesn’t work, check to see if the breaker that the unit is plugged into has been tripped. You should be able to reset the breaker yourself at your home breaker panel.

Next, make sure that you have set the thermostat to cool, and that it is set to a temperature lower than the temperature in the room. This should be your first step if you have in house or central air conditioning.

If none of these things seem to help, it is time to contact your Las Vegas AC professional.

The Refrigerant Has Run Low

Is your AC unit just not cooling the house enough? It is running, but you just can seem to get the temperature down low enough. It might be an indication that your refrigerant has run low.

Your AC unit functions by using an internal liquid called refrigerant. In the past you may have heard this called “Freon,” but Freon isn’t used anymore due to it damaging the environment. The refrigerant is what carries the heat from the inside of your home to the outside, chilling the air inside and cooling your home.

While refrigerant will slowly leak over time, low refrigerant may be a sign that your AC unit has a leak or other serious problems. Your HVAC professional can come and refill the refrigerant, but you should also have them check to make sure there are no leaks or other major problems with the unit.

Improper Installation or Lack of Maintenance

This problem can have the same symptom as low refrigerant. Your AC unit just doesn’t seem like it is able to keep all of the rooms in your home as cool as it should. This can be an indication that your new unit (if you just had one installed) may be undersized for your home.

It can also be an indication that you have been lapse on your routine maintenance—your unit should be serviced annually.

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